The AirMakers Family

Airmakers Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
5420 Old Poole Rd. Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 878-8800 Fax: (919) 878-3685
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Operating Hours: Monday through Friday - 8 am to 5 pm

President Scott Logue Scott started this company back in 1982 along with his partner and friend Darrell. He is a happy guy that treats his employees like family. His door is always open! He is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan... we are beginning to think that's a requirement for working here! READ MORE
Vice-President Darrell Davis Darrell, despite being a Miami Dolphins fan, became friends with Scott many many years ago when they were both just technicians. Armed with a dream they started AirMakers in 1982 and have been going strong ever since! READ MORE
Sales Manager David Hagerman David started at AirMakers 11 years ago as a Service Technician but after a lot of hard work he now runs our Sales Department. He is dad to two great kids and loves to hunt. READ MORE
Commercial Estimator Don Stewart Assistant to Darrell Davis, Vice-President READ MORE
Commercial Install Supervisor: Leo Vitola Leo Vitola was one of the very first AirMakers employees. He has managed the Install Department from day one. Originally from Panama, he is bilingual and has managed as many as 20+ installation crews at one time. He is also an avid UNC-Chapel Hill basketball fan, and a Pittsburgh Steelers fan! READ MORE
Install Supervisor Bobby Lynch READ MORE
Residential Install Supervisor Robert Moss READ MORE
Installation Coordinator and Inspections Kimberly Pakula Kimberly has been ruling the roost of the install department for over ten years. When it comes to Mechanics and Pipers, she calls the shots! In her spare time, she enjoys going to concerts, working out, going to Wrightsville Beach and hanging out and spoiling her very handsome 92lb. baby boy; Dante; a German Shepherd. READ MORE
Assistant to the President/ Residential New Construction Estimator/ Service Agreement Manager LaDonna Kay LaDonna has been with AirMakers for nearly 10 years. She is mom to a crazy red-headed toddler that is the queen of their house-hold! LaDonna claims she bleeds black and gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers... we guess that means she is a big fan??? She first began her time at AirMakers as Inventory Assistant, but has put her hand in many departments including Installation, Service, and Accounting. We think she has finally found her niche! READ MORE
Service Department Manager, LEED AP Joel Key Joel joined the AirMakers family roughly 5 years ago. He is constantly on the move trying to keep up with the latest industry trends. He enjoys fishing and spending time with his wife and three children. READ MORE
Service Field Supervisor Lee Brown Lee Brown came to us several years ago as a Service Technician. Over the years he has progressed and is now our Service Department Field Supervisor, a much deserved new title! He works very hard assisting the technicians with any difficulty as well as providing our customers with face to face managerial support. On a side note, he bakes the best carrot cake in the world! READ MORE
Senior Service Coordinator Tammy Samuelson "Tammy Sammy" has been bossing around the Service Technicians for more than 10 years. When it comes to scheduling service she is definitely your gal! We hear she isn't quite so bossy at home with her husband and daughter... but we have our doubts! READ MORE
Office Manager and Accountant Mark Etter Mark manages all the day to day activities throughout the office. We don't really understand how he has lasted over 20 years with AirMakers... especially since he is a Cleveland Browns fan!! But he is definitely a vital part of our family! READ MORE
Accounts Receivable/ Human Resources Starla Logue Star aka the "Payroll Queen" has worked at AirMakers for longer than anyone can remember! :) She only works 3 days a week, and if she isn't here she is at the "cove" listening to Jimmy Buffett and sipping boat drinks! READ MORE
Accounts Payable/ Fleet Maintenance/ Load Calculations Courtnie Gaylord Courtnie Gaylord has been working at AirMakers for nearly 10 years. She has worked in several different departments but we think she has found her niche! She is also a Die-Hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and loves Hines Ward! She also enjoys the Carolina Hurricanes. READ MORE
Service Dispatcher Rhalina Ellis AKA "Lina" Lina joined our AirMakers family as a Receptionist. She is the proud mother of a 9 year old little boy, and a 18 month old little girl. She enjoys baking, and is constantly bringing the office yummy snacks!!! We blame her for everyone gaining 5 pounds in a month! READ MORE